Revolutionizing the treatment for severe allergic reactions.

With a mission to provide at-risk patients and their families better protection from severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis, we are developing an easy-to-use and needle-free epinephrine nasal spray.

A Potential Alternative to
Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

Introducing a low-dose epinephrine product in clinical development delivered by intranasal administration*.

Patient preparedness to act quickly and confidently during a severe allergic reaction is imperative. Hesitation can be fatal. If approved for use, this product may transform the way we think about and use life-saving epinephrine.

Potential Benefits

Needle Free

No stress. No pain.

Easy to Use

Inspires swift administration without hesitation.

Pocket-Sized Protection

Small and light enough to carry in a pocket or purse anytime, anywhere.

Works Quickly

Absorption-enhanced technology may enable fast results.

Take a peek at the potential future of epinephrine delivery here.
Investigational New Drug - Not Available for Commercial Distribution

*Data on File