Revolutionizing treatment for severe allergic reactions.

Our mission is to provide at-risk patients and their families better protection from severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis through the development of a needle-free, easy-to-use epinephrine nasal spray.


Rethinking Epinephrine Therapy

Introducing the first nasal spray in development designed to consistently deliver effective doses of epinephrine rapidly and safely without hesitation.

Patient preparedness to act quickly and confidently during a severe allergic reaction is imperative. Hesitation can be fatal. If approved for use, our first-in-class nasal spray may transform the way we think about and use life-saving epinephrine.

Potential Benefits


Removing patient and caregiver fear and hesitation to safely give epinephrine when needed.

Easy to Use

Simply Place & Press™ to safely and rapidly deliver the effective dose.  

Pocket-Sized Protection™

Small and light. Conveniently carry to be ready, anytime, anywhere.

Dependable Delivery

Nasal congestion? Difficulty breathing? No problem.  Our proprietary absorption-enhanced technology is designed to provide reliable and rapid nasal spray delivery of epinephrine.

Learn more about the potential future of epinephrine delivery here.
Investigational New Drug - Not FDA Approved and Not Available for Commercial Distribution

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