Innovation in the treatment of  anaphylactic shock

Epinephrine is the go-to first line treatment for anaphylactic shock

It’s highly effective at rapidly reversing symptoms and has no contraindications.

However, the requirement to deliver ephinephrine via intramuscular (IM) injection as soon as possible by anone nearby creates a variety of significant treatment challenges.

We have developed an epinephrine nasal spray that could transform treatment for anaphylactic shock.

The product has been validated in the clinic to match the pharmacokinetics of IM epinephrine.

Our novel nasal spray could transform the treatment of anaphylactic shock...

Easier and Faster Dosing

Easier and more rapid to administer in an acute emergency situation.

Quick Acting

Matches/exceeds the absorption speed of intramuscular epinephrine

No Injection

Pain-free administration without a needle


Simple device with demonstrated reliability in emergency situations (intranasal Narcan)


Easy to carry device